Elance + oDesk = Upwork, how much will it effect on the Freelance marketplaces!

Upwork – Say hello to talent without boundaries

The best companies win with the best talent. But great people can be hard to find. We’ve created an online workplace for the world – connecting clients with top freelance professionals from San Francisco to Sao Paulo.

Whether you need one writer or an entire team of programmers, we help you find the right experts to fuel your success. Our platform lets you work effortlessly with freelancers anywhere. Say goodbye to business as usual.

After the successful merge of Elance-Odesk, Odesk began to improve among the marketplaces with better services, real projects with verified freelancers and improving the payments options, which had a possitive impact on the Freelancers and Clients of Odesk, than recently on the 5th of May, 2015 announce that they have relaunched oDesk as Upwork. Although the color theme looks similar like the odesk (Green & White) and the dashboard options are same as the old odesk dashboard. only some minor changes of colors and few extra features, may be they will add more later. 

upwork-collaborating -slack-odesk-elance

The idea as a part of the unification is that the company hopes its new site will help connecting businesses with talented professionals, faster and easier than before with real-time collaboration feature to make chatting and working with freelancers easily. In the coming months, Upwork will  focus on four areas of innovation:

  • Faster hiring. To accelerate hiring, we’re making it easier for freelancers to update their availability and for businesses to find, interview and select freelancers who are ready to work right away.
  • Better collaboration. We’re making work simpler and more productive. A new messaging experience will include chat and video, plug into your favorite services, and organize conversations into chat rooms. Plus, you’ll be able to communicate with your teams through native Android and iPhone apps.
  • Larger teams. Shared team workspaces will make it easier for multiple freelancers and clients to collaborate. Businesses can create and engage large freelance teams quickly, safely, and in compliance with Upwork Enterprise.
  • Professional growth. Upwork will be a platform where independent professionals can thrive. With access to work history stats, the ability to earn Top Rated status, and information on high-demand skills, freelancers will have the tools to get more and better jobs.

Upwork claims to be making $1 billion in freelance earnings annually. So they believe that there’s a significant opportunity to grab even more by unifying its services and making finding work easier.

Everything so far looks promising and makes it feel like Upwork will create a new platform that will change the way outsourcing works in the Freelancing marketplaces. Lets Hope, that it does make a different and brings too fortune to both sides, Freelancers and Clients, and make freelance marketplaces a better place with more innovative ideas.

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